Why Country Music Is Better Than What You're Listening To (Unless It's Country Music)
Posted by <> on 6/17/2013 4:30:00 PM.
    The reason I love country music more than any other genre is simple: it's the songwriting. The songs in country are notorious not for bobbing your head with the singular though of timing it with the beat, it's the significance to the words, the story.  The story is what we attach ourselves to. 
   Think about it. You're attached to the story thus you want to learn the words. Once you learn the words, it's ingrained forever.  Decades later you hear the first note of that ballad especially, you lose your mind with glee and quickly silence every other thought so you can sing along with Garth, Alan, Taylor or Jason.  What other genre gives you consistently, the opportunity to embark on that personal journey? Other genres don't do that, the performers do.
   You don't become attached to other genres, you become attached to other genres'performers. I love country music and Eminem, not the other way around. The music is inspired by the genre.  The genre inspired the artists and the artists write to that level. Country brings the best to the computer to write and then to the stage to perform. 
   Back to the songwriting: I find myself putting songs on repeat in country music. The stories actually let me put myself in and feel them. I cry, laugh and ponder all in country music. I know very few rock songs that do that to the spirit and especially not mine.
   That's why every Monday I want to take a trip thru nostalgia to listen again to the ballads of yesteryear to demonstrate that point. I have a snarky name for it like "Arky's Country Music Monday Memory" but let's focus on the music for now.
   The first is Alan Jackson's "Remember When" out in 2003.  It's a slower song that harkens back to the stages of love, a mainstay of country music. The initial awe-struck to betrayal to children. It's all covered in one of my favorite Alan Jackson tunes of all-time. Do yourself a favor, find five minutes, let the whirring of the day be on it's own and allow yourself to just soak in the art.
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